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Xerox Retirement Workshop

Active retirement eligible employees and VRIF participants can join an educational discussion that will cover:

  • Timing your retirement to maximize the RIGP formula excess benefit
  • The possible shock of interest rate increases on lump sum retirement options
  • Why some VRIF benefits may have to be partially forfeited this year to maximize lump sums
  • How the monthly annuity payment can provide security in turbulent markets
  • How to choose a pension option
  • Strategies to get a monthly payment from a lump sum of retirement savings
  • Investment strategies for retirees
  • Investment pitfalls and how to select a financial advisor

Get the information every retiree needs and few advisors know. This educational workshop has helped thousands of Xerox retirees since our first one in 1994!

Call us at 334-3600 if you're interested in attending one of these workshops.

Money and More Workshop 

This educational evening is a pre-requisite to working with The Horizon Group. In the relaxed atmosphere of our historic cobblestone office, we share our firm's philosophy and strategy for managing your money. We'll discuss the steps necessary to plan for a lifetime of income, and even help you to think about what a successful retirement means to you. We'll cover a number of planning topics including insurances, cash flow, and taxation. Many people enjoy our frank discussion of the costs, benefits, and pitfalls of working with various types of financial professionals. We end our session by opening the floor to questions on any financial topic, showcasing our experience as a trusted advisor "anywhere money touches life".

These fun and informative workshops are run monthly at our classroom at 5582 West Henrietta Road.
To reserve your free seat, please call our office at (585) 334-3600 or email our team at