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Our process begins by crafting a comprehensive retirement plan and strategy for a lifetime of income. Working with your advisor, an allocation is developed to meet your individual cash flow needs. This is the basis of the “Bucket Approach” we utilize to provide income from your investments. Simplified, we structure one “bucket” with relative security to provide income for a specific number of years. Our second “bucket” is diversified with growth investments that take advantage of various market cycles over time. The key to this strategy is regularly scheduled meetings with your advisor, where we monitor your cash flow needs and withdrawal rates, look for tax planning opportunities, and make adjustments as necessary.

The Horizon Group is unique because of our advisors’ wide range of expertise and their availability when you need them. This accessibility is fostered by the fact that we have our own Investment Management arm, Horizon Advisory Services. Unlike most firms, we employ a highly qualified team of professionals whose sole responsibility is selecting investments and managing your money. This group is our Investment Policy Committee, laser focused on the success of two portfolios – the fixed portfolio (bucket #1), and the growth portfolio (bucket #2).

We believe the depth of care, concern, and attention our clients’ portfolios receive is among the very best in the industry. Under the direction of our Chief Investment Officer, Kenneth Blazick, AIF, our Investment Policy Committee uses a prudent fiduciary process for conducting research, selecting investments, monitoring portfolios daily, and making allocation changes. The committee tracks a wide range of economic and market data and relies heavily on quantitative (mathematical) analysis to target risk levels within the portfolio. However, interpreting data, recognizing trends, and using experience to read situations and events is truly important. This qualitative analysis is where investing evolves from science to art – and where our firm excels.

There can be no guarantee of investment success. There is no foolproof method or system. However, approaching retirement with a strategy you understand, a sharp team managing your investments, and an advisor dedicated to your success certainly puts the odds in your favor. We look forward to the privilege of managing your money.